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Thanks for Your Patronage

April 15th has come and gone.  All of my clients stepped up to the challenge bringing their documents in on time. I am thankful for my clients that entrusted their tax preparation and filing with John S Turner and Associates.  Your business is appreciated.

Now is the time to prepare for 2019 Income taxes.  With the new tax laws, it is prudent to verify that you are withholding the correct amount each pay period.  No one wants to be surprised and find out too late that the did not have enough withheld and owing additional taxes. If you want to check for proper withholding, contact our office and we will calculate the recommended amounts.  Remember, don't wait too long as 2019 is almost half over.

Do you have enough saved for retirement? Do you want to learn about IRA's and saving for the retirement years? You've got questions, John S Turner and Associates has answers.  Contact us and let's talk.